Margo Vasilevska – Operations Manager

Margo Vasilevska has been in the children’s services industry for twenty years.

She has managed and worked in child care centres and kindergartens in Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria. Margo was also a reviewer of child care centres throughout Australia as part of the national “Quality Improvement and Accreditation System”.


More recently, in the last seven years Margo was a Children’s Services Adviser for the Department of Human Services. This role was as an authorised officer to investigate and advise Children’s Services in Victoria’s Western Region including; City of Melbourne, Wyndham City Council, City of Moonee Valley, Hobson’s Bay City Council, Brimbank City Council and the Shire of Melton. During this time she led and assisted some of the major prosecutions in the State of Victoria.


Margo holds numerous qualifications in children’s services and has undertaken workshops and training throughout her career to continuously update her knowledge of the sector. Margo also has a policing background. Given Margo’s unique expertise, she gives a wide range of presentations to both staff and families on topics including Children’s Services Regulations, interactive management, kindergarten program design and topics for families on children’s welfare. Margo is the Operations Manager for Federation Children.

Naomi Capuano – Quality Manager

Naomi is committed to a culture of learning, respect and teamwork.


Naomi has joined the team at Federation Children Newtown with over 17 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Sector working across services in Victoria and Far North QLD. She has been a former Director for many years at Federation Children’s sister service Community Children. More recently she worked across multiple services in a role as the Quality Manager.


Naomi’s role is to support families, children and educators to build and nurture  relationships, creating a collaborative leadership culture where leadership is about drawing on each team members strengths and expertise. Her vision is to build a team of educators who are committed to a culture of learning, respect and teamwork and to build a professional learning community.


Naomi is responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests, to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. She aims to work together to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context, these experiences will gradually expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

Chloe Wellam – Centre Director

Chloe is committed to creating a thriving centre of learning, filled with fun activities and social engagement.


Chloe has worked in the Early Childhood sector for the last 6 years in the local Geelong Region. She values and recognises that families are a child’s first and most influential teacher.


Her vision is to create a welcoming environment where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about all aspects of their child’s learning and ensure that learning experiences are meaningful, and reflective of the local community of Newtown and the wider Geelong region.


Chloe believes partnerships are based on the foundations of understanding each other’s expectations and attitudes, and to build on the strength of each other’s knowledge.