Dear Bilby Room,

I am writing this email to express how grateful I am for all of your and Bilby staff’s hard work and effort. My children Ella and Gianluca have been at the service for number of years and I am honestly so appreciative of everything you all do.

The other day we were driving to Royal Children’s Hospital, and as we were stuck in traffic Ella and Gianluca were looking around and telling me about some of the things they can see. Gianluca then pointed out, ‘mum, I can see an Aboriginal flag’. To be honest I was really taken back as we have never really discussed it at home, but he was able to explain to me some of the things he learnt about the Aboriginal community, colours of the flag, and he stated that he learnt all this at kinder. It was a real moment for me, as something that small brought to realisation how much my children are taking in, and I know from my career this only happens when they are taught by passionate people.

I have noticed many other changes with my children, their confidence, their abilities, the friendships which are encouraged at kinder.

This I have especially noticed with Gianluca as he was my concern when it came to some of those things.

I know as a teacher we always focus on improvements and what we can do further with children, but I also know it is very important for a teacher to know they are appreciated and their hard work is acknowledged.

I sincerely thank you for everything, nothing makes me happier than knowing my children are happy to come to kinder.

Thank you,
Nikolina Fortunato


Hi guys, 

As tomorrow will be Alessio’s last day at the centre I just wanted to give a MASSIVE thank you to you ALL for making his 1st years brilliant years!

I can’t express my gratitude enough for everything you have done for his development but the effects have been absolutely the best thing for him and us!!!..

Just to mention his english would be non existent if it wasn’t for you, nor everything else you guys have passed on with regards to education and most importantly common sense which is what I believe is YOUR biggest asset!!

As Alessio came from Moonee Ponds ABC, I wish to extend an extra big hug and thanks to you girls who made that transition the best possible and you are and will be significant influences in his life! Your care over the years has been evident and through him I’ve seen all of your hard work and sincere “affection” you have all had towards him. Not sure if he is the most liked child but you guys certainly make us feel like he is and that is the best thing!! Thank you again.

As for Martine and his “kinder” formation, in my eyes she would have to be one of the best examples of a teacher I’ve come across. Her hard work and PATIENCE ranks extremely high!! Teachers remain in our memories and rest assured she, along with all of you will be held dearly in Alessio’s (and my and Alexis’) hearts!

We wish all of you the best in life, personally and professionally as individuals and the centre will be held in very high regard and I thank you for all your efforts!!

Lot’s of love to you all,

Cecilia, Alexis and Alessio

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